Innovation for Life.

Innovation for Life

ParagonSciences works to develop Innovation for Life — pragmatic solutions to complex problems — whether related to health & medicine, sport, environment & climate, or energy production.

We strive to improve the human condition, restore our natural environment, and enhance living standards.  Our goal is to educate, reduce worry, make lives more fun, and help make the world healthier and wealthier.

ParagonEnergy:  Today there is a little known revolution going on in the worlds of particle physics and power generation.  Now, as a result, electric power can be easily and simply generated through a safe, non-polluting natural chemical reaction.  

Paragon is part of the international team helping to develop this technology.  That reaction has led to the commercial development of inexpensive and powerful energy systems that will significantly transform the way most of today’s electrical, transportation, and industrial products will be made, beginning with power systems for buildings that are expected to launch within the next 3-4 years.  

If your corporation, government agency, NGO, school, or household is currently planning long term energy related capital expenditures, you should be aware of these advancements.  Further, the current R&D initiatives of many large industrials should be re-assessed with these new technological advancements in mind.   

ParagonClimate: While there is little doubt the burning of carbon fuels is driving rapidly accelerating anthropogenic climate change, Paragon has generated unexpected but highly compelling evidence showing that carbon soots — not CO2 & GHG — appear to be the dominant anthropogenic climate forcers driving the majority of observed climate change. 

Paragon has been long concerned that governments and industry are not doing enough to address the clear signs of anthropogenic climate change.  This site provides climate researchers, governments, business leaders, NGOs, media, and the public with access to that compelling research data.

ParagonMedical provides highly effective tools to solve medical problems and eliminate worry about health.

Paragon's medical website is full of powerful and useful information to help solve health & medical problems, including our free E-book You and Your Genetics are What you Eat, a comprehensive guide to important information not found in conventional health or medical books.  The site also provides doctors, patients, and researchers with the latest metabolic testing and diagnostic tools.  And it provides Case Studies demonstrating the efficacy of these advanced protocols.

ParagonSport  has helped many athletes set world records, win Olympic gold, and star in professional sport.

Our development work with top athletes and coaches produced a wide range of world leading innovation and equipment for improving athletic speed and power for most sports.  This included providing: coaching & advanced athletic training techniques and programs; metabolic testing and nutrition chemistry programs; the designing of special racing and competition equipment — including sprint shoes for the world’s fastest sprinters,  hockey skates for NHL players, and Olympic bobsleds; as well as developing motor-specific training equipment, special sport training apparel, and sport training facility designs.

Paragon also worked with Nike, Adidas, Graf, and Mondo America to develop cutting edge commercial products.

Paragon provides advanced training, metabolic testing, and nutrition methods for athletes of any level, whether world class, development, or recreational.  Used by Paragon’s top athletes, these were derived from years of our internal testing and research and cannot be found anywhere else. They enabled our athletes to get into superior form in significantly less time.  See their stories.

ParagonResearch Design & Engineering

We believe many of the world’s biggest problems will be solved through disruptive innovation.

Paragon often applies a customized out-of-the-box approach to research, design, and engineering to create sustainable cost-effective technology necessary to solve the challenge encountered.

We have been fortunate to help develop projects that represent disruptive innovations to medicine, climate science, sport development, physics, and energy production.  Ultimately we hope these will be used to help reduce the suffering and poverty affecting many parts of the world. 

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