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How to Get Started

Requesting Paragon’s research services or metabolic testing & analysis is easy, and can be done directly by a patient, athlete, trainer, coach or doctor.   Some types of testing require a doctor’s or other clinician’s signature — in those cases the necessary clinician requisition forms are found in the testing kit that will be mailed to you by our laboratory.   

The most common service requests we receive are listed below.  

1.  Research Services For Patients with Acute Medical Conditions

Paragon research services are requested by the patient.  If the patient is unable, a family member or guardian can also do so.  Simply call 1 514 278-3935 to inquire or email with your contact information.

2.  Basic Metabolic Screening And Nutrition Analysis

To get started click hereOtherwise, email or call 1 514 278-3935. 

3.  Comprehensive Medical & Metabolic Testing      

To get started click hereOtherwise, Otherwise, email or call 1 514 278-3935. 

4.  Other Paragon Testing & Analysis

For all other requests please call 1 514 278-3935 or email

For a list of all Paragon testing and services offered, please refer to the Testing and Services Menu.