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Basic Metabolic Screening & Nutrition Analysis

  • Uncovers nutrition & lifestyle factors affecting most health problems 
  • Essential to achieving biochemical balance
  • Provides new information regarding anyone’s health — guaranteed


Paragon’s essential metabolic testing and analysis thoroughly examines and cross-references more than 125 biomarkers and other metabolic indicators.  It uncovers most problematic diet and lifestyle choices contributing to a wide range of health disorders.  From this overall analysis, effective targeted nutrition and/or other potentially necessary lifestyle modifications can usually be identified.

Symptoms regularly alleviated through this process include many food allergies, arrhythmias, osteo-arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, adrenal & thyroid disorders, insomnia, migraines, back pain, muscle cramping, problematic infections, depression, moodiness, learning disorders, heavy metal poisoning.

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Background for Patients and Physicians:  

Paragon’s high success in determining the cause of illness in most of its case studies shows: 

1) a detailed analysis of a person’s work place, social habits, exercise habits, dietary & supplementation habits, and Rx use is very helpful in determining the cause of most ailments.  

2) when this is used in conjunction with the analysis of precise measurement of intracellular tissue mineral balance, specific metabolic conditions related to personal health & behaviour and many disease states are predicted.   

This is because specific vitamins and minerals work together as co-enzyme factors that control the action of most enzymes in the body, which in turn affect genetic expression, metabolic activity, and health dependant on enzyme function.  

Dr. David L. Watts, Ph.D. was one of the first to recognize the critically important links between mineral balance, vitamin utilization, enzyme activity in the body, and health.  He further realized that the mineral balance in tissues, including hair tissue, is reflective of the overall mineral balance in the body.  To determine the specific affects of minerals on metabolism and disease, Watts worked with physicians to collect thousands of hair samples from patients with a wide range of confirmed medical diagnoses.  As expected, most patients with specific conditions had remarkably similar balances of minerals in their tissues.  This allowed his research team to determine and isolate metabolic activity, hormone function, emotional behaviour, learning capability, detoxification capability, and the existence or potential for disease states associated with specific balances of minerals & vitamins in the body.  HTMA also represents the best method to test for ongoing exposure to toxic heavy metals. 

HTMA is now done by many laboratories around the world.  However no other lab has the extensive clinical research to support its analysis of a patient’s test results.  The laboratory equipment and operating procedures are unparalleled and set the standard for the industry.   

Dr. Watts’ clinical research work on over 900,000 samples MDs collected from patients shows that returning cellular metabolism to normal requires the correction of mineral imbalances and elimination of toxins.  His clinical work represents a significant contribution to medicine, and Trace Elements testing is highly effective in helping to determine protocols to treat various degenerative conditions.