Innovation for Life.

Prevention / Executive Health

  •  Ensure your health is on track 
  •  Reduce stress
  •  Maximize your productivity and energy 

Effective prevention, control of stress, and a pro-active lifestyle are the keys to living a long, active and healthy life in today’s increasingly stressful and polluted world.

This is not as hard as it sounds, and is a lot easier to achieve with various levels of metabolic testing

Basic metabolic screening and nutrition analysis helps anyone better balance biochemical function is the body.          

Comprehensive medical & metabolic testing goes even further for: 

  • when it’s necessary to find less obvious sources of complex biochemical interaction leading to disease or other health problems, 
  • when one desires the most comprehensive check-up possible for complete peace of mind. 

Year round monitoring of metabolism and performance helps you develop and maintain a strong body and mind for the most demanding lifestyles.  Busy executives interested in reaching their full potential choose Paragon’s metabolic testing, nutrition planning, training, and monitoring to reach the top of their game and stay there.  

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