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About Paragon’s Research & Laboratory Partners and Affiliates

Medical research now confirms health is directly linked to how our genes respond to food and activity.  In other words, genetic expression is to a large degree modulated by nutrients and other environmental factors, not by one’s inherited genetics themselves.   Paragon Technologies Ltd. first recognized these relationships during research in 1989, and has since been very successful reversing problematic disease states and enhancing physical & mental performance. 

Paragon Medical Sciences, a division of Paragon Technologies, was initially formed in 2004 by Sam Bock, Paragon’s Director of Research, and Cyrus Kuzharani, R.Phm., B.Sc. Phm., former lab director for the International Centre for Metabolic Testing in Ottawa, Canada.

In addition to conducting its own research, Paragon works with doctors and researchers from leading international metabolic testing & compounding laboratories and research groups partnered with Paragon.  These include:

Metametrix Clinical Laboratory
Trace Elements Clinical Laboratory
NutriChem Biomedical Testing Lab
NutriChem Compounding Pharmacy
JSS Medical Research

These industry leading laboratory partners also provide the testing and compounding Paragon provides  doctors & patients using our biochemical analysis.  Paragon assists those physicians & patients choose the appropriate combination of metabolic testing.  Subsequent analysis of that testing is then used to custom design nutritional therapies, detoxification programs, and other interventions for the prevention, mitigation, and/or treatment of complex chronic disease.