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Metametrix Clinical Laboratory

Metametrix Clinical Laboratory is a world leader in metabolic testing and research, and provides Paragon both with laboratory services and research consulting.  Dr. Alexander Bralley (CEO) and Dr. Richard Lord (Director, Science and Education) lead the distinguished Metametrix research team and jointly wrote the landmark book, Laboratory Evaluations in Molecular Medicine.  Metametrix is recognized internationally as a pioneer in the development of nutritional, metabolic, and toxicant clinical testing to identify nutritional imbalances and toxicities underlying chronic diseases.  

The Metametrix research team introduced several medical firsts, including: 

  • quantitative organic acid analysis to identify nutrient and other metabolic imbalances 
  • quantitative fatty acid analysis 
  • multi-profile combinations for “comprehensive” analysis of nutrients and toxicities 
  • fingerstick technology for a noninvasive option 
  • DNA identification of gut microbes 

Metametrix continues to develop innovative testing profiles with “Next Generation Technology” to further advance treatment options for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, inflammatory, mental/emotional, and autism spectrum disorders.  As an early adopter of advances in laboratory science, Metametrix functions as a reference provider for other clinical laboratories and also performs testing for research institutions as they study the influence of nutrients and toxicities on health.