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NutriChem Biomedical Testing Lab

NutriChem Biomedical Testing Lab specializes in analytical testing of human metabolism, identifying nutritional influences on health maintenance and disease prevention.  Created by Kent MacLeod, B. Sc.Phm, NutriChem's Biomedical Laboratory grew out of a need to better serve patients and health professionals with detailed information about an individual's nutritional and metabolic status.  A medical pioneer, Macleod was the founder of Canada’s first comprehensive metabolic testing laboratories, the International Centre for Metabolic Testing. 

MacLeod is a leading authority on the impact of nutrition on the biochemistry of individual disease states.  He has been invited to speak around the world on topics such as Down syndrome, Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Menopause, and Cancer.  Well known for his expertise, he has the unique ability to simplify the complex aspects of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical approaches.  

Founder and Clinical Director of NutriChem Medical Centre, he works with the Centre's medical team to ensure that patients receive the best combination of conventional and natural treatments for disease management.  He is the recipient of the 2009 Canadian Compounding Pharmacist of the Year award, as well as the 2004 Outstanding Service Award for Innovation, and is the author of “Down Syndrome and Vitamin Therapy: Unlocking the Secrets of Health, Behavior and Intelligence”.   NutriChem has collaborated with Canada's National Research Council and numerous private institutions. 

NutriChem's Biomedical Laboratory operates with a focus on testing and patient-centered solutions.  Test panels offered include: amino acids, essential fatty acids, urinary organic acids, antioxidants, oxidative stress biomarkers, hormones, and other advanced panels.