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Patients with Serious Medical Conditions

  • Quickly uncover potential causes to complex medical conditions
  • Generate immediate and effective treatments

Patients with serious medical conditions use Paragon’s metabolic testing, analysis, & research services to help pinpoint potential sources of biochemical metabolic problems causing disease.  This then enables Paragon to work with your doctor to determine a custom designed targeted intervention to help address urgent issues. 

Prior to designing such interventions, Paragon does a thorough patient screening, determines the appropriate metabolic testing, and then does comprehensive cross-referencing, research, and analysis on:

  • a patient’s conventional medical blood work,
  • metabolic test results on over 200 biomarkers and toxins
  • a patient’s symptoms, diet, and lifestyle habits
  • additional biochemical research done based on the above findings, 
  • additional biochemical research on the pharmacology of any Rx drug that may be affecting patient metabolism and health
  • intensive research of the latest peer-reviewed studies on specific disease states

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