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Comprehensive Medical & Metabolic Testing

  • Full spectrum testing for the clearest metabolic picture
  • Essential to determining a wide range of factors potentially affecting complex health issues


When trying to solve or prevent future medical problems, the use of comprehensive medical & metabolic testing is the best way to determine which biochemical functions or pathways are working properly or not.  

Cancers, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, food allergies, and other complex medical conditions are often caused by a combination of many  imbalances and/or toxicities affecting normal biochemical functions, or “pathways”, within the body.  Such biochemical pathways might be involved in regulating nutrient delivery to cells, energy production, oxygen absorption & transport, detoxification, immune system response, etc. 

From this detailed biochemical analysis, effective targeted nutrition and/or other potentially necessary lifestyle modifications are identified.  Follow-up testing allows the doctor and patient to monitor improvements and to make the necessary adjustments to the protocol.

Background for Patients and Physicians:  

Paragon offers the first comprehensive cross-referencing and analysis of: 

  • a patient’s conventional medical blood work, 
  • metabolic test results on over 200 biomarkers and toxins
  • a patient’s symptoms, diet, and lifestyle habits

For details on how this can be quickly used to pinpoint potential nutritional, biochemical, and/or environmental origins of degenerative disease please see:  How Paragon’s Comprehensive Metabolic Testing & Analysis is Done

This enables the formulation of nutritional and/or other biochemical Targeted Interventions designed to arrest and often reverse serious, problematic illnesses.

The testing & analysis may also indicate if additional research may be valuable based on the specific results of those test findings.  See Research Services For Patients with Acute Medical Conditions