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Paragon has helped many athletes set world records, win Olympic gold, and star in professional sport.

Our development work with top athletes and coaches produced a wide range of world leading innovation and equipment for improving athletic speed and power for most sports.  Paragon has designed and provided:

  • coaching & advanced athletic training techniques and programs
  • metabolic testing and nutrition chemistry programs
  • specialized motor-specific training equipment, sport training apparel, and sport training facility designs
  • as well as racing and competition equipment — including sprint shoes for the world’s fastest sprinters, hockey skates for NHL players, and Olympic bobsleds.

Paragon also worked with Nike, Adidas, Graf, and Mondo America to develop cutting edge custom and commercial product.

Paragon has developed affordable energy efficient world class training facilities that cover full-length running tracks and provide state-of-the-art technologies to allow proper year round multi-sport speed training in any climate. 

Today it costs about $50-$80M Cdn. to build a traditional domed Olympic facility like those in Calgary, Lillehammer, and Nagano.  Paragon’s new buildings will cost as little as $1M-$10M each, adapt to varying weather conditions, and require very little energy or maintenance. 

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